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Difficulty Finding a Contractor? We Can Help

Difficulty Finding a Contractor? We Can Help

I get to choose any licensed contractor for claims! But… this one over here said ‘they don’t work with home warranties…’ Having the freedom to choose gives you a huge advantage in claims—if you can get one to listen to you for half a second. We can help you with finding a contractor.

Here’s the thing: Your contractor doesn’t HAVE to ‘work with us.’ They are working with and for YOU. We’re just paying the bill.

So, the real problem here isn’t that they won’t work with home warranty companies—they’re just leery of the concept. We understand that this can cause difficulty for some of our customers, so we’ve put together some ideas to help you get the contractor you need.

Remember, They Work for YOU

After you’ve filed a claim and received a claim number, when reaching out initially, just tell them you have a problem that needs a contractor. That’s it. After your contractor has diagnosed the problem, ask them to speak with us over the phone before any repairs are completed.

We Need to Talk to Them

Our claim decision is based on your contractor’s professional diagnosis, which is why approval is required before repairs are completed. All we need from them is a few details about the unit, what caused the failure, and their price for repair or replacement. That’s it. Easy, right?

You May Have to Pay Up Front

We get it… the whole point is to prevent you from paying out of pocket. Though we do offer immediate payment by credit card over the phone, because your contractor doesn’t work for us, they’re not obligated to accept payment from us. This is why we also offer reimbursement to you for approved claims, with near immediate processing—most customers receive it in only a few days.

Lastly, much of a contractor’s business is gained through referrals. Tell your contractor if you might be referring their services—and let them know we refer their services, too.

Call us today at 800.648.5006 ext. 179 for more information on finding a contractor. We’re here to help.

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