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Why Agents Should Recommend a Home Warranty for New Construction Homes

As a real estate professional, you may already know America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) can be a useful tool in your business—but did you also know we offer New Construction home warranties, too? Now, why would you want a home warranty on a brand-new home with all new appliances and home systems? For the same reasons you’d want one on a regular sale; plus a few more.

Same as Before…

  • Peace of mind so your homeowners can enjoy living in their new homes
  • 24/7/365 award-winning customer service for both you and your homeowners
  • A 3-step easy claims process for your homeowners (plus completed claim notifications to you, providing you a reason to reach out and keep yourself top of mind)
  • Your homeowners can choose ANY licensed contractor for claims, often speeding up the claims process while allowing them to find someone they know and trust to visit on their schedule
  • Reduced liability for you post-sale, and protection for your bottom line

…Plus a Few More!

  • New Construction Warranties start on day 366 and continue for 3 years, providing your homeowner with a total of 4 years of coverage for one low price.
  • If you offer to cover a New Construction Warranty for a builder’s project, it helps you develop a relationship that benefits both you and the builder (saving them money while earning you future clients).
  • Once the New Construction sells, the home warranty is the only thing besides the mortgage that stays, protecting the homeowner against unexpected expenses, and acting as an ongoing reminder of the agent who provided it.

“Because inventory is so low right now, New Construction homes are the next thing keeping real estate going,” said APHW Senior Vice President of Sales Brendan Morgan. “And our New Construction Home Warranty is an agent’s one tool to get into that side of the business.”

Agents, contact New Construction Sales Manager Alexandra Erlich at 303.503.5761 or aerlich@aphw.com to learn how you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a builder and an APHW home warranty today.

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