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For Top Producer Renée, ‘Opportunities at APHW unfold’

Renée Kozak smiles while in a black dress and gold necklace next to the words, "For Top Producer Renee, 'Opportunities at APHW Unfold'"

How do you determine if a future employer’s goals align with yours? For Area Sales Manager (ASM) Renée, a collaborative company culture and a focus on employee success made all the difference.

APHW’s reputation precedes itself

Renée was initially drawn to America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) through employee reviews on popular job boards. "I did a lot of research online, and I was able to find a lot of employee testimonials,” she stated.

Renée’s findings rang true during her interview process. “I asked a lot of questions, because I didn’t want to work for a company that didn’t value their employees,” she said. “The executive interview is what sealed it for me, and sitting down with a group of such high-caliber individuals factored into me knowing I really want this.”

The magic of mentorship

Once Renée accepted the position, she was instantly welcomed by her peers and supervisors. She found mentors and sounding boards in veteran ASMs Brian, Ray, and Jina, as well as ASMs turned Regional Sales Directors Kelly and Matt.

As she began cultivating relationships in Matt’s former territory, Renée was able to get the tools she needed in order to make those business relationships her own and thrive. As she put it, “When you surround yourself with next level people, you become next level people.”

How to win: Build your community – and keep an organized record

Renée has always been plugged into her community, so once pandemic restrictions were put in place, she quickly shifted from face time to screen time. Upon return to the field, she saw all the fruit of her online labor. “I realized that from all that time I put in on the screen, when I walked into the office they already knew who I was — they recognized my face,” she said.

Renée uses a series of systems to track her progress and serve as evidence of all her hard work, including the company’s ERP software: “If you’re not using and tracking everything in NetSuite, you’re making it harder on yourself. All the tools are there,” she stated.

At our recent Sales Meeting, Renée received the Top Producer award, reaping the benefits of all of her investments into her work. Thinking back to that moment, she said, “Working at APHW is an amazing opportunity, and I knew that from the first time I interviewed with the company. To see it all come to fruition after a few years with the company was amazing! I’m very grateful.”

What’s her advice? “I think a lot of people confuse sales with selling, but we’re really servicing people,” Renée said. “You have to come from a place of contribution and with a servant’s heart. If you think about it that way, you’ll be really successful.”

Appreciation and the road ahead

What are Renée’s plans for her future at APHW? “I have something in mind, but I want to stay open,” she stated. “With our growth, I believe there will be opportunities we haven’t yet realized available, and I’m excited to see what other opportunities at APHW unfold. I can’t wait to see where I end up from where I started; it’s exciting, every day!”

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