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Through the Eyes of Children

I was a Big Brother 15 years ago, before my daughter was born. We spent a lot of time together at sporting events, car rides, just hanging out—I really enjoyed it, and I like to think of that boy now as a productive man in life and society… and that I might have had just a little bit to do with that.

Now that my daughter is a young lady and doesn’t need ALL of my attention, I’ve signed back up to be a mentor. My little guy didn’t have a father in his life and needed a male role model, someone he could learn different perspectives from (other than through the eyes of his mom and older sister).

I have truly enjoyed spending time with him, and as I look back over the years (as a Big Brother, a father, and now a mentor again), I realized that I really enjoy looking through the lens of children. They have an innocence, naïve to the world that adults face. Having a child’s perspective in mind has really made me stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy life for what it should be.

That perspective is important to what I do to help real estate agents close on sales. As an area sales manager for America’s Preferred Home Warranty, let me take the after-sale stress away from you, so you can truly smell the roses.

Now and then I look back at my roots. I remember when I was young and who my influences were, and I focus on living my life—not just surviving it. Let me help you live yours.

Ray Stark | Southwest Michigan & Northern Indiana Area Sales Manager

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