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Team Player LaMont shares how to ‘look for connectivity in everything you do’

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Sometimes, the employees most dedicated to the mission are those working quietly behind the scenes. One such individual is our very own LaMont, our Senior Brand Manager of Real Estate Sales and Team Player of the Year.

Collaborating to succeed

Teamwork makes the dream work, and for LaMont, this is one of his favorite aspects of working at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). What else does he love about his role? “Having an opportunity to reinvigorate our relationships with different business partners,” LaMont shared. “I also enjoy assisting the ASMs (Area Sales Managers) with the massive work they do in this field.”

On projects with our most esteemed partners, LaMont also collaborates with Luke, our Vice President of Real Estate Sales. Through working with him and his other mentors—Accounts Receivable Clerk Valarie, Senior Vice President of Sales Brendan, and Vice President and Legal Counsel Phil—LaMont has seen firsthand what can be accomplished when you, “follow the cues of leadership and look for connectivity in everything you do. This helps everyone understand their role in the equation,” he added.

How improving yourself improves the team

When asked about ways to thrive at work, LaMont shared the importance of promptly addressing concerns. “If you see something that needs to be done, take care of it, or find someone who can,” he said. “By making this a habit, you’re able to seize many a chance to be a good soldier and fill those gaps when opportunity arises.”

LaMont also advised regular self-reflection. “Always assess where you are as honestly as you can,” he stated, “and seek to get feedback and improve.” As each person continues on the path of personal improvement and on projects with others, they become an even greater asset to the team, strengthening the unit as a whole.

Collective focus fuels major growth

No matter your role, great work happens in orbit around a common target. As LaMont reminded us, “The work each of us does is all part of the same goal. We’re all working toward the development of the company, and that’s the most important thing.”

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