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Sump Pump Surprise Becomes ‘A Really Positive Experience’

Larry and Emily Andress became the proud owners of a 120-year-old home that came with protection from America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). They had never used a home warranty before, but it came in handy sooner than anticipated, when the sump pump quit shortly after they moved in.

“I called the office, and the person on the line was really helpful and as nice as could be,” Larry said. A Customer Service Representative “walked me through the whole process” and helped Larry get set up to file his claim online. With his claim filed, choosing his own contractor was a breeze. “Once they knew they’d get paid right away from me and the home warranty company would reimburse me, the [contractor] had no problem calling,” Larry stated.

After APHW approved his claim, Larry received his reimbursement check “within 2 weeks of when the work was done.” With the company’s helpful Customer Service Representatives and timely reimbursements, he had “just a really positive experience.”

Since the sump pump replacement, Larry has had a few other items pop up where he’s needed to consult with APHW. Customer Service has been available to him every time, he said, “to help me understand my claims.”

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