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Sales? Yes, and Here’s Why

We’ve all heard the taglines to get your interest in sales jobs.

“Come make loads of money!” “As easy as saying hello!” “See the sights!” “Be your own boss!”

But while sales can be lucrative if you’re good at it, getting ‘good’ can be difficult—it leaves a lot of folks feeling like they’ve been duped by the shiny ideas.

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) takes a different approach. Their sales team members aren’t just numbers in a book—they’re family. Aside from the shiny stuff (lots of travel, excellent benefits, and commission opportunities on top of base pay) APHW offers extensive, paid training to their sales recruits.

“I definitely felt like they set me up to succeed,” said Trevor Kaylid, APHW Area Sales Manager (ASM) for Eastern North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Trevor has been an ASM with APHW for five years as of this coming September. He was recruited by APHW Vice President of Sales Brendan Morgan, who found Trevor’s resume online and was intrigued by his current position at Enterprise. “They teach customer service and sales, which is exactly what we do,” Trevor said.

He was only 28 at the time, still pretty fresh out of school, but APHW’s training curriculum ensured Trevor would be ready when he hit the road. He spent his first week in and around the corporate office in Michigan, getting to know the company and the people behind it.

“Everyone at the office was very welcoming,” Trevor said. “It was great—it felt like a close-knit family.”

After that, Trevor went home to his own territory, where he rode along with Brendan for even more training to help him get a handle on sales in his own area. “He really showed me the ropes,” Trevor said, adding that he could get assistance from other areas of APHW as well. “You can reach out to anyone in the company—they’ll be glad to help you out.”

Now five years later, Trevor is an APHW Team Leader with five ASMs on his team, and one of the top performers for the company—and he wouldn’t change a thing. “It’s just a fun job,” he said. “I control where I go and what I do every day.”

So long as you’re meeting the numbers and doing your activities, APHW will pretty much let you spread your wings. “I am definitely my own boss,” he said. “No day is ever the same, I’m always traveling to different places and meeting new people—there’s no micromanaging. It’s just fun helping out our customers and agents.”

Trevor has even received unsolicited online compliments from the agents he interacts with. “It’s one thing for them to tell you ‘thanks’ for helping out. But it’s great when they openly post feedback in a forum where anyone can see it,” he said. “It really makes you feel appreciated. It just feels good.”

APHW is currently recruiting ASMs in several states. “If you want to learn how to run your own business in a family-cultured organization, this is the right job for you,” Trevor said.

For questions about recruitment opportunities, please contact Susan Town-Richards at 1-800-648-5006 ext. 232, or visit APHW.COM today for more information.

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