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Real-Pro® the best real estate app for APHW home warranties

Convenient, easy, effective, and best of all, FREE. Whether you’re logging in on a computer or using smart device, the Real-Pro® app makes ordering and tracking America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) contracts convenient for real estate professionals on multiple levels. This really is the best real estate app for your business—and here’s why.

The REALTOR® app for iPhone and Android that goes where you go

Working from home? Back at the office, or out on the road? Wherever your customers need you, Real-Pro® is your go-to app for APHW home warranty contracts. You can find the free download on Amazon, Google Play, and the Apple App Store under ‘Real-Pro’, and it works with iPhone, Android, Kindle, and Windows smart devices. Plus, with this app you only need to enter your password once—EVER.

Have a hard time with inconsistent addresses?

Real-Pro®’s address verification standardizes property addresses by finding all components of your address as you enter it, ensuring rapid, high-quality service for you and your homeowners.

The free REALTOR® app puts everything in one place for you

  • View a history of your home warranties
  • Upload forms and signed warranty agreements
  • Enjoy an intuitive navigation and user-friendly layout
  • Make secure payments right from the app
  • Order marketing supplies in seconds

Black male in business attire enters information into a tablet

Real-Pro® also earned APHW a spot on the Tech100 Real Estate List for, as well as the praises of real estate professionals throughout the years.

REALTOR® Kellie Spiece
“[Real-Pro®] is how I input all my warranties! In a matter of seconds, I can put in all my information and fill my data form out. Everything is super accessible, and easy to just get everything put in at once.”

Associate Broker Miriam Odegard
“I just log in [to Real-Pro®], order the warranty, and log out. That’s pretty much it—and knowing I immediately have a confirmation number, an order number, and a warranty number that I can pass on to my clients is huge! That way I know if they have questions later, I can pull it right up.”

If you’re a real estate agent, the Real-Pro® app is your ticket to an easier day. Visit our page for Real Estate Professionals or call 855.806.6678 today to learn more about Real-Pro®!

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