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Address Verification Coming to Real-Pro®

On December 9, real estate agents and REALTORS® ordering new home warranties on Real-Pro® will notice a convenient update, standardizing property addresses by finding all components of your address as you enter it.

Why is This Changing?

As your warranty service provider, America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) wants to ensure that your client’s address is entered as accurately as possible before you submit your warranty order and payment. This prevents issues around unit numbers or street names, and also auto-fills information such as city, state, zip code, and county to make the process easier. This accuracy will help ensure rapid, high-quality service for you and your homeowners.

How to Use Address Verification

This is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. New Pop-Up: When entering a property address for your warranty, enter Address 1, like normal. This will now display a list of addresses while typing. If you do not see your address, continue typing (including city and state) until your address appears.

2. Select an Address: Once your desired address appears, select your address. All other address fields will automatically fill in the city, state, zip code, and county, based off of a registered address through the United States Postal Service.

3. Review Your Address: If the address matches your records, you can proceed with entering your Warranty. If changes are needed (such as city name), simply edit the address after entering. If there is a unit number required, add this to the Address 2 field. This will be moved to Address 1 in most cases.

If you have any further questions, please call APHW’s Real-Pro® support team at 855.806.6678.

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