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Personality? CHECK.

Blair Bishop is a true people person. Both her personality and sheer joy at life draw people in, which is exactly how she got started in the real estate business. “I just really enjoy building relationships with real estate agents and all of the office staff,” said the America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) West Central Ohio Area Sales Manager.

Some History

Blair’s first forays into the real estate community came through family—a team leader at a real estate agency, a market center analyst (now loan officer), and a title company associate—but Blair made her own waves.

“I worked at my mom’s Keller Williams (KW) offices a lot after college (when I wasn’t substitute teaching), and I made a lot of connections,” Blair said. “Between meeting people like title agents and loan officers, and going to real estate functions, getting to know everyone is just fun for me!”


So why did she choose sales with APHW over becoming an agent? “Because here I get to meet and really get to know more people,” Blair explained. “I was looking for a more social role because I’m just not one to sit and stare at a screen all day, and I like to be autonomous and communicate with a lot of people. Plus, as a licensed Spanish teacher, I also enjoy the teaching aspect. A huge part of my role is educating REALTORS® on what a home warranty really is, and how they can help their clients and grow their business while working with APHW.”

Beyond these aspects, Blair focuses on developing a relationship with her clients. “I can relate to most people, and that connection is important to me – I genuinely care about people and what they’re going through. I like to help whenever possible, because what goes around definitely comes around,” she said. Blair also likes talking to people to learn from them. “Every time I go to a restaurant, I ask what the servers’ favorite menu items are, because they’re the experts,” she explained. “And that’s what I do with sales: Be the expert for my clients. I’m ‘nitty gritty;’ I like to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. Because if you know how to take care of people—and you actively choose to do so—then they’ll take care of you.”


West Central Ohio real estate agents can reach Blair and her personality for more information at 614.570.2562 or For agents in other parts of the country, visit APHW.COM or call 800.648.5006 ext. 179 for information about your local area sales manager.

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