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It’s Just the Right Thing to Do

Randy Caltrider is a man who cares about his employees. The president and owner of America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is known for meeting and greeting every new staff member personally. What he’s lesser known for (outside of the company at least) are the lengths he goes to make sure this family—yes, family—is taken care of.

“Why God picked me I have no idea. All I know is I care about my people, and treat them like I want to be treated,” Randy said. “Family Fest is a way for us to show our employees and family members how much we care about them.”

APHW’s annual Family Fest involves the employees voting on a place to go, and Randy covering the cost of the visit for them and their immediate family members, along with customized shirts to commemorate the event.

This tradition has been in place for quite a while. “I remember the first one we had,” Randy said. “We had like five people, hamburgers and hotdogs in a park in Michigan.” APHW now has over 130 employees across the nation, most of whom work at the corporate headquarters in Jackson, Michigan—and Family Fest is as strong as ever.

According to APHW Marketing Manager Jeff Fett who organizes this event every year, APHW currently has 278 employees and family members attending this year’s trip to Mackinac Island, “…which is our largest Family Fest yet,” he said. The previous year had 256.

“The number one most important thing is our employees, and their ability to make our company great,” Randy said. “And they’ve done that. Everybody’s got a place and a responsibility, and they all do it very well and with a great attitude. Who would we be to not give back? So, this is a really big deal to me.”

Business minded individuals might question if this is all worth the cost. According to Randy, the evidence is in the people. “This isn’t about what it costs. All you’ve got to do is be there during lunch to watch the families, the joy and happiness,” Randy said. “They’re laughing and having fun.”

In the end, Randy just wants to be able to give back to his family. “I love people and I especially love my employees,” Randy said. “I’ve got this philosophy—I don’t own all of it anyhow. The employees are the ones that put us on the map, who do the hard tasks to get us ahead as a corporation in this world. They put their heart and soul into what they do, and they make us one of the greatest companies in America today.”

“Family Fest is about the ability to give back to them,” Randy said. “I want them to know we care.”

And they do.

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