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‘It’s all a highlight’ at APHW

Patty had been supervising at another company for 10 years when her career took a big, positive shift. “I knew a lot about America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) because I knew a lot of people that worked here, plus I used to work with the previous call center manager before he worked at APHW,” she said. After he had informed Patty “what a fabulous place this was,” she decided, “If it’s good enough for him to take a chance on, then it’s good enough for me.”

Patty took the leap and joined APHW as a Customer Service Representative in July 2017, and one of the first things she noticed was the company’s philanthropic spirit. “I didn’t know they were so involved with the charities, especially Relay for Life and Child and Family Charities,” she said.” What a rewarding thing to learn—it really encourages us to get involved.” And that is just what she has done.

As a cancer survivor, Patty has served as a co-captain for APHW’s Relay for Life fundraising team, as well as other roles. “As long as I work here, I will be on that committee to fundraise,” she said. “Cancer is not a death sentence anymore, thank God—it’s not what it used to be. Not that long ago it wasn’t necessarily so curable.” Patty appreciates Relay for Life and all their efforts to find a cure for cancer, and attributes part of her ability to not just survive, but thrive, to the work Relay for Life has done. “I’ll do anything I can to be a part of it. There are some [forms of cancer] that are not curable yet, and the research monies continue to be helpful.”

While dedicating her time to these noble efforts, Patty’s hard work has also earned her promotions to both Customer Service Supervisor and Adjunct Trainer for APHW’s Dewitt Call Center. She pours into her Customer Service Representatives, giving them all the support they need to thrive. “Our goal is for them to stay here and be successful at America’s Preferred Home Warranty, so I help them achieve whatever goals they’re working toward,” she said.

With Certificates of Appreciation, accessibility, and consistent feedback, Patty and all other APHW employees regularly connect and help to lift each other up. “I could go upstairs and talk to the Vice President right now,” Patty said, noting how this positive sentiment is felt in every department. “It doesn’t matter what part of the company you work in—we promote being the hero for all of our customers, inside and out.”

And what has her favorite experience been so far? Apparently everything: “It’s all a highlight,” Patty proudly stated.

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