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IT Specialist Named APHW’s Employee of the Month

It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about, right? Apparently it’s the quiet ones at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) who are getting us where we need to be. Congratulations go out to Senior Information Technology (IT) Specialist Kameron, named APHW’s August 2021 Employee of the Month!

Kameron had been job-hunting for about a month when he found the IT position at APHW, officially starting in January 2018. “The Christian aspect of the company is what intrigued me at the time—I thought that was interesting, because not many places make that public, so it’s unique,” he said. “I also noticed how friendly everybody was, and the family atmosphere. Most places I’ve worked it’s been, ‘I’m here to work, go away.’ Not here! This was a great opportunity.”

Starting as an entry level IT specialist, Kameron rose to his senior specialist position in the IT department in only a few short years. “I’ve moved quickly up chain, and I still feel like there’s room to grow,” he said. “Both Alan and Mike have given me opportunities to take on more, to show that I’m ready for the next steps and future positions that come available.”

One reason Kameron received Employee of the Month is because of his efforts to ensure our company’s adoption of Microsoft Teams as a way to communicate remotely. This became especially important when COVID-19 hit, and made the transition to working from home a successful one.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it,” Kameron said of the recognition. “But it was great and pleasant surprise! And to those who might consider joining our team, all I can say is that if you work hard, you will get recognized for it.”

What’s Kameron’s favorite part of working at APHW? “Everything!” he said. “Just in general, this is a great place to work!”

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