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Homeowner Reviews: “Would 10/10 Recommend!”

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If you own a home, you’ve most likely used a home service. And every other homeowner can commiserate: It tends to be a miserable, frustrating, and headache-inducing experience.

But what if it didn’t have to be?

Louisiana homeowner Rachel Gibson recently renewed her home service contract with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) for a second year, and unlike homeowner’s insurance, a home warranty is not required. So why renew? “Great customer service,” she wrote in a 5-star Google review.

“They are always quick to answer and respond, the customer service agents are all very nice and accommodating, [and] they reply to emails extremely fast as well. [I am] very impressed with this company and would 10/10 recommend.”

We were intrigued to learn more, so we asked Rachel to tell us more about her claims in the previous year: “Everything just went really smoothly,” she said. “I had the option where I can choose the company I’d like to fix the issue, and it was super easy. I know people who work in various different companies, so I got to use a licensed plumber that I know and trust. And even if he’s not available, he can give me his top recommendation so I can source a referenced person instead of being stuck with someone I don’t know at all.”

Rachel was also quick to point out how fast reimbursements were processed. “My reimbursements came really quickly,” she said, adding that even when a payment took longer, APHW was there with answers. “When I didn’t receive my payment, I contacted customer service, and they responded in about an hour to my email. They told me when my check was issued, provided information about how long it would take to get to me, and what to do. Everyone I have talked to has been extremely helpful and gotten back to me in a timely manner.”

The customer service is Rachel’s primary reason for her renewal. “It’s how everyone really wants to help me, and just the fast responses,” she said. “A home warranty is definitely worth the investment, especially for a new homeowner—and I can say I have nothing negative to say about APHW.”

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