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Home warranty reviews: Customers prefer contractor of choice

Customers have given America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) hundreds of reviews saying the best part of having an APHW home warranty is getting to choose any licensed contractor for claims.

Want to know more? Here’s what folks are saying about the benefits that come with freedom of choice.

Faster service & availability

When you can choose any licensed contractor, it means you can find someone local. You don’t have to wait for someone hours away, and you may even be able to locate someone with an opening that day.

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Harriet Bray, Georgia Homeowner
My A/C went out on a Saturday afternoon. I called APHW and was instructed to call a contractor of my choice. The contractor diagnosed the problem, spoke with APHW and was given immediate approval to repair the unit. When the work was completed, I called APHW and was told that I would receive a check within 7 to 10 days. Everything was quick and easy. No hiccups at all! Very friendly and helpful customer service. I highly recommend APHW for home warranty needs!

Donna Reddish, Mississippi Homeowner
We had our heater stop working. [APHW] helped us find a contractor in our area that could handle the work. When the contractor was here and I called for approval, they were very quick approving our repairs. We opted for paying the contractor and [APHW] is mailing us a check minus the deposit. We are very satisfied with the quick reply. The contractor said this is the quickest warranty service he has ever dealt with.

Amir Johnson, Maryland Homeowner
This a great company, my A/C went out and they were very helpful. They allow you to find any licensed contractor to diagnose the problem, so you don't have to wait around. Great energy when you contact them during a crisis, that makes you feel like everything will be ok.

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Fast payment options

Contractors often worry that working with a home warranty means payment will take forever. Not here!

At APHW, your contractor of choice gets paid quickly—sometimes even the same day! Plus, homeowners who pay the contractor up front can now get reimbursed even faster with ACH Direct Deposit.

Vernice Scott, South Carolina Homeowner
I liked that I could choose the vendor, and after approval they could be paid on spot via [APHW] credit card, or in my instance we paid by check and were reimbursed within 5 business days.

Harold Starkey, Ohio Homeowner
Very easy to make claims, and the people are friendly and respectful! They helped me find a local contractor and the job was done quickly and professionally. When the job was complete it was easy to close out the claim, and the contractor was paid by APHW before he left. From start to finish the process was not stressful. Great job!!

Berrin Thomas, Georgia Homeowner
Have had them for few years now. Very professional team and clearly defined process. Best part is I get to bring in my own contractor to get the work done. Payment is straight forward and prompt. YOU GET TO TALK TO A HUMAN EVERY SINGLE TIME. Will stick with them as long as I can.

Karen Goldsmith
I have used several other home warranty companies until I found APHW. I will not go back to any of them. APHW is affordable, easy to file claims and for contractors to get in contact with to get approval for the needed work. I have been quickly reimbursed when I have paid the contractor. You get to choose your own contractor!!!

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Fair compensation & time-saving

We don’t haggle over contractor prices, and our 24/7/365 award-winning customer service reps are ready to help you and your contractor, day or night.

Jim Harding, North Carolina Homeowner
I have used several different home warranty companies and have found America's Preferred to be the best in times of need. … They allow the homeowner to choose his own tradesman and are very fair in working with that company in trying to get things repaired. Many warranty companies really cut the contractors pay and or ability to make a full repair, but I have heard several contractors say good things about America's Preferred. Overall, after several years, I will give them a big thumbs up!

Edward Butka, New Jersey REALTOR®
I am a REALTOR® that has used multiple different warranty service providers for my buyers over the years, but APHW sets the standard in customer service. It's not even close. Their turnaround time is incredibly fast — I made a call to their customer service office at 12:45 a.m. thinking I was going to have to leave a message. But their service representative (Delphine) picked up the phone in one ring and cheerfully helped me to correct some minor administrative issues. I was feeling tired, but her energy and charisma just lifted the experience to a more pleasant level. The fact that they allow my clients to choose their own licensed contractor is a key difference maker. But their customer services takes it to another level that is unsurpassed in my experience.

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Find someone you trust

One of the most important reasons we offer you the power of choice is that we want you to feel comfortable in your own home. Contractors frequently need to be inside your home and around your family—the freedom to choose gives you the opportunity to hire licensed technicians that you (or friends or family) have already worked with, so you can hire someone you know and trust.

Katie Belock, Michigan Homeowner
I love being able to use the contractor of my choice! My parents use a different home warranty company and they have had some interesting characters sent to them. I get to use my plumber of 12 years and electrician of 2 years with no problem. Quick and easy to call and create a claim, then quick payment. They have been outstanding through my basement flooding, plumbing issues, and water heater replacement. I have been a customer for 2 years and would 100% recommend! Read the rest of Katie’s story here.

Sandy Ferraro, Montana Homeowner & Real Estate Broker
Customer Service is top with this firm. The fact that they let you choose your own contractor of your own choice is the reason we opted for this Company. I have been a Real Estate Broker for nearly 40 years and have many experiences with Home Warranty Companies. This one had trumped them all.

Alisa Daniel, Arizona Homeowner
I've always heard that home warranties are a waste of money, so when we bought our home, I wasn't going to bother with one. A friend said America's Preferred Home warranty was good because you choose your own contractor. We have needed to use the warranty a couple times, and it was great!

These home warranty reviews are just the beginning

The freedom to choose any licensed contractor for claims is pretty huge, but APHW doesn’t stop there: We want to help you be the best homeowner you can be with our FREE Blog + Tips page. Check it out for tons of useful articles, home maintenance tips, and more!

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