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In Good Hands – Literally

Sometimes ‘snail-mail’ is the only option, so it’s nice to know when you’re in good hands. This was the literal case for a potential customer, when Elizabeth Sokol personally delivered an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) brochure to her home.

As someone who typically works with real estate agents, the APHW North and South Carolina Area Sales Manager didn’t understand at first why she had received the request, or why APHW had mailed the warranty instead of sending it by email. “I couldn’t find her as a REALTOR® or a homeowner in our system, so I called her,” she said.

When ‘The Usual’ Isn’t Quite Enough

It turned out the homeowner wasn’t terribly computer savvy, so she was waiting for ‘snail mail’ to come through instead—but COVID-19 kept causing delays with the postal service. “And when I talked to her, I realized she was also an unaffiliated REALTOR®, who lives only about four miles from me,” Elizabeth said. “And she was so excited to have somebody local that she knew was attached to the warranty she was trying to purchase!”

Going the Extra Mile – Literally!

They discussed coverage options for a while, and the REALTOR® asked Elizabeth if she could come drop off a brochure at her home. “I said, ‘I’m almost at your driveway,’ and she just lit up over the phone,” Elizabeth said. “So I got there, stood on the front porch, and told her how the home warranty would pertain to her particular situation. She’s not selling right now, but she will be, and she wanted the best coverage.”

The REALTOR® originally discovered APHW through her Continuing Education training, where another real estate agent had recommended the company. “We’ve talked a couple times since then,” Elizabeth said. “And I’ll call her back again today with more answers about getting her registered as an agency.”

More Information

Are you a real estate agent? Call 800.648.5006 ext. 179 or visit APHW.COM for to see how APHW can help you grow your business—you’ll be in good hands.

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