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Getting the most out of time spent under one roof

Fawna Farrell in a blue zip-up smiles with her daughter in a pink shirt and bow and her son in a black shirt smiling behind her; the background is an open silver computer on a light wood desk in front of a stack of papers with text and graphs

Many households were forced to rapidly adapt to being in close quarters with loved ones. Whether through the pandemic or the holidays, quarantine gave many of us a well of experience on how to maximize time spent together under one roof. For America’s Preferred Home Warranty ASM and full-time mother Fawna, the situation was no different.

Paradigm shift

No matter the size or period of time, a paradigm shift can impact your plans and expectations. “The first couple of days I was really stressed out,” Fawna said. “I felt so much pressure and no control with how everything was changing by the minute. I was worried about how I would work and take care of the kids and all these extra responsibilities, and I honestly thought everything was caving in for a minute there.”

Then in the second week of Kaden (7) and Flora (5) being home from school, she had an epiphany: In the past when she had been gone all day, Fawna felt she was missing out on their lives. “Now I have the best of both worlds!” she exclaimed. “I can stay home and be with my kids while I continue my career.” Even during a short period like holiday break, spending more time in the presence of loved ones can be something to be appreciated.

Finding balance

Now that’s easy to say, but harder to do. “We just had to find that balance as a family,” Fawna said. She found that structuring the days is what worked best for her and her husband, Jeffrey, and of course, for her children. 

“When kids don’t have structure, they act up, so I came up with targeted learning charts for both of my kids, and another for rewards where they get stickers for good behaviors, daily chores, etc. We’re also using this time to teach them life things, like folding clothes and what goes into making dinner.”

Seizing the moment

Fawna (@FawnaAPHW) wanted to share her story to let other parents know they’re not alone in all the quarantine craziness. “There are probably a lot of parents who feel beside themselves,” she said.

“My hope is that they’ll see my story and just embrace things for what they are. Our kids are only little once, and we miss them like crazy when we’re working. So let’s enjoy them while we get to stay home. Just have fun with it!” Whether it’s spending time with your kids or bonding with your partner or parents, take the time to seize the moment and celebrate the time you have together. 

With family together under one roof, a major home system or appliance breakdown can really complicate things. To give yourself one less thing to worry about in the event of a crisis, explore our coverage guide or call 866.589.5767 to learn more today.

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