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‘Feeling Like a Value Just Warms My Heart’

It was November 1st, 2019. As Cerena Schiller wandered through LinkedIn, she came across an opening at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), submitted an application—and received an email only minutes later from the HR department. “We talked, and they said someone would reach out to me on Monday; but I got the next call on Saturday morning!” Cerena recalled. “I started with the company on November 18th, not even three weeks later.” 

Throughout the interview process, Cerena had increasingly felt that APHW would be an amazing company to work with. “Everybody is so friendly and kind, and I really like the ethics of this company,” she said. “I’m thrilled to be a part of it, and I absolutely believe in it: I wasn’t kidding when I said that I hope to retire here!”

She must have meant it. As an Area Sales Manager for over a year now, APHW recently recognized her as quite the achiever in 2020—not only did Cerena receive an award for having the company’s Highest Number of Agency Registrations, she was also identified as a Rising Star! “I’m really honored,” Cerena said. “I’m excited that my hard work is paying off, and now it’s all about continuing to build those relationships.”

The Best Part

And those relationships are truly Cerena’s favorite part of the job. “I had my real estate license before, and I love that I get to stay in the field, just helping agents to grow their business in a different way,” she said. 

“I’m always there for my clients, and if I can’t answer your question, I’ll figure out how to answer it and get back to you. When somebody calls me needing help with the warranty and tells me I’m such a value to them, it just warms my heart—I want to make sure I can help in any way, to get those deals done for you.”

Want to Get in Touch?

Spokane and Northern Idaho real estate professionals can reach Cerena at 509.202.3522 or cschiller@aphw.com. Agents in other areas, find your local area sales manager today by calling 800.583.8157 or visiting APHW.COM for more information.

Job Opportunities

Cerena also recommends APHW as a great place to work for prospective area sales managers. “I really feel like I can talk to anybody here,” she said. “We have a great team with excellent team leaders and regional sales directors ready to help in any way. The training is extensive, and APHW really invests in you as a person. Like I said, I hope to retire here!” 

Check out sales position opportunities at APHW and call 800.648.5006 Ext. 188 today.

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