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Enhance your APHW home warranty with these optional add-ons

A standard contract with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) helps protect your home’s most essential appliances and systems. But what about the other items in your home that could be expensive to repair or replace?

Our optional add-ons provide you with additional coverage, giving you even better protection against unexpected breakdowns from normal wear and tear. Discover what else we cover, and how much it would cost to repair these appliances and systems without an APHW home warranty*, in our breakdown below.

*Source: HomeAdvisor

Additional refrigerators

Average repair cost: $256

Protection: $4.17/month

Roughly 35 million Americans have more than one refrigerator in their homes. If you live in one of these households, protecting your second (or third or fourth) fridge could help you save hundreds in repair costs – all for a low monthly payment.

Clothes washer & dryer

Average repair cost: Washer $175 / Dryer $180

Protection: $7.92/month

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports claims that most Americans expect their washer and dryer to last 10 years on average. If you haven’t replaced your units in a while, protecting them from sudden breakdowns is a good idea; fixing either of them could cost you around $200 on average.

Gas fireplace

Average repair cost: $498

Protection: $4.17/month

Gas fireplaces have a high efficiency, which helps homeowners save a lot of money on energy and heating costs. They’re also great for helping you stay cozy during the winter, creating a romantic ambiance, or simply enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation. Our add-on coverage can help you avoid the excessive costs of a repair while still fitting easily into your budget.

Inground pool or spa

Average repair cost: Pool $605 / Spa $323

Protection: $15.42/month

Almost every homeowner wishes they owned an inground pool or spa. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, our add-on coverage can help keep your inground pool or spa summer-ready all year long, so you won’t have to worry about cancelling this year’s pool party or giving up any of your personal swim time.

Salt water pool or spa

Average repair cost: Pool $605 / Spa $323

Protection: $28.75/month

Even if you have a salt water pool or spa, you can still get protection with APHW. Not only are salt water pools and spas gentler on your skin and clothing, they often cost less to maintain than traditional chlorine pools. If you want to enjoy your pool whenever you want, ensuring it’s covered by your APHW home warranty is essential – and could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road.

Jetted bathtub

Average repair cost: No data available

Protection: $10.42/month

Replacing a jetted bathtub can cost thousands of dollars! While HomeAdvisor didn’t list a cost for repairing a jetted bathtub, it’s safe to say that a repair could run you several hundred dollars when compared to other household items with similar replacement costs. Since there’s nothing like having a jetted bathtub in your home, protecting your investment – and asset – is a good idea for any homeowner.

Sprinkler system

Average repair cost: $253

Protection: $4.17/month

When a sprinkler system goes down, it won’t take long for your yard to feel the heat – literally. Sprinkler systems are much more efficient than manual watering, saving homeowners anywhere from 40-60% in water usage and costs. Combine that with your APHW home warranty add-on, and you can save an extra $250 or more on repairs if your system suddenly goes on the fritz.

Termite control

Average cost: $568

Protection: $4.17/month

Termites cause more than 5 billion dollars in property damage every year, with over 600,000 residential homes being impacted. While termite control costs can vary widely, the average cost is over $500, which can hurt any homeowner’s budget. Before these pests wreak havoc on your home (and your finances), get protected with an APHW home warranty for less than the cost of a can of bug spray.

Water softener

Average repair cost: $508

Protection: $7.92/month

A water softener helps you use less soap and detergent, makes your hair and skin feel silkier and healthier, helps your fabrics last longer and stay softer, and doesn’t leave water spots or buildup in your shower, on dishes, or in sinks or toilets. It can also help you avoid plumbing issues! Protecting your water softener is a great way to save money—now and in the future—just in case it breaks down and ends up costing you over $500 in repairs.

Preferred Upgrade

Protection: $11.67/month

Let’s say you don’t have any of the above items, but you still want more protection for your home’s systems and appliances. This is where APHW’s Preferred Upgrade can help! Our Preferred Upgrade option gives you more coverage on your home’s most essential items (which are available in our standard warranty), so you’ll have more peace of mind, and help with unexpected repair costs.

Ready to learn more about our home warranties? Please visit the home warranties section of our website for more info. You can also speak to our award-winning customer service team at 866.589.5767 for more help with securing additional coverage today.

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