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Employee testimonial: Finding my perfect spot at APHW

“I was kind of stuck between jobs.” After 12 years at a popular craft store, the night and weekend shifts weren’t cutting it for Mindy anymore; she wanted a steady schedule to spend more time with her family. A short stint at bus driving didn’t work out, and her next stop was customer service at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)—where she had no idea what to expect.

“I had customer service experience, but I had never been on the phones in my life,” Mindy said. She got interviewed and pretty much hired on the spot, but she’d heard horror stories about a different local call center. “I was a little timid at first, afraid this might be similar—but it was amazing!” she said.

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An amazing experience

Mindy had a whole team of mentors and supervisors behind her throughout training, as well as weekly ‘coaching’ where she’d receive praise for the good as well as constructive criticism and actionable recommendations for growth. “Everyone shared tips and tricks, and we had fun coming to work, whether for Employee Appreciation Days or Relay for Life events,” she said, adding that there was (and is) tremendous opportunity for career growth as well.

After about eight months in customer service, Mindy saw a position open up for an executive assistant role. She applied and earned the role where she spent nearly two years welcoming visitors, assisting APHW’s vice president and general counsel, and helping with marketing department needs on occasion. This last one earned her a friendship with the marketing systems manager, Heidi.

“I was always willing to help Heidi with company events, employee appreciation, and birthdays and things. I think showing that initiative was a big thing for her, and kind of put my foot in the door,” Mindy said.

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One last step

APHW’s love of hiring within soon provided Mindy the opportunity to apply for the role she fills (and loves) today, as Heidi’s marketing assistant.

“I am 100 percent happy with my job, and I love coming to work every day!” Mindy enthused. “Each step was me stepping out of the box to try something new, and I’m so glad I did. Heidi has a vision for the company to succeed, and she’s a very good mentor—this department is going to keep growing for sure.”

The camaraderie within the company goes all the way up to the owner, too, according to Mindy. “Randy is an amazing president and owner of the company. He takes great care of us, making sure we have all the tools and resources we need to do our job while keeping up our family culture and values,” she described.

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Feeling seen

APHW has recognized Mindy’s dedication to her work and growth twice now: She earned employee of the month in September of 2019 as the executive assistant, and again as the marketing assistant for May 2022. “It felt great, knowing that somebody sees the hard work that’s put into daily tasks,” Mindy shared. “I see myself staying here for quite a while!”

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