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Employee review: A supportive work environment

“I remember thinking this job sounded too good to be true.” It was the middle of 2020, and Stephanie Bushnell needed a job in the real estate field, but not in selling homes. Then a LinkedIn post for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) caught her eye, and her research revealed an organization with a truly supportive work environment.

“It was scary at first,” Stephanie said. “It sounded fake; it really did. But everyone I spoke with was just so polite and sweet. [HR rep] Amy Boatright explained the Christian-based company culture to me and told me how the position works well for work life balance, too. Having a child and a husband, and wanting to grow my family in the future, I needed a position like this.”

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It really is a supportive work environment

Once Stephanie passed through the interview process, she was able to start her training in California before moving her family out to her official sales territory in Colorado—and she hit the ground running. “I love it! Upper management and leadership are all about us out in the field,” she said. “I come from both real estate and cheerleading backgrounds, so I have a lot of energy and a big personality. This company has done a great job with career guidance, helping me to be successful with my personality traits.”

Stephanie highlighted Steve Pratt (Director of Field Sales Training), Brendan Morgan (Senior VP of Sales), and Steve Charles (Regional Sales Director) as pivotal APHW leadership in her journey. “They’ve just been phenomenal, helping me make this business my own while keeping in line with the company,” she said. “I love the open-door policy, and I feel very connected with management here. They’re transparent with all of us so we’re all on the same page.”

The earning potential is pretty great too, Stephanie noted. “Steve Charles has a great way of saying it: ‘You have the potential to make your commission as big as your paycheck.’ There’s unlimited opportunity to bring income to my family,” she said.

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1,000% recommended

All in all, Stephanie highly recommends APHW as a company you should consider applying to. “Oh, 100 percent! 1,000 percent! You can add that zero for sure,” she said. “Besides running your own portion of the business and taking pride in what you’re building in your territory, you also have this huge support system that will elevate you to where you need to be. You don’t feel pressured—you feel supported! And there’s constant resources to help you get there. I’m by myself out here in Colorado, but the office does a great job of connecting with meetings and keeping us in communication, so we can all utilize each other’s strengths.”

Stephanie’s thrilled that she took the leap into her Area Sales Manager role at APHW—that same supportive work environment that sounded too good to be true in the beginning. “When this opportunity presented itself, it was a full sprint to get out here for that finish line,” she said.

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