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Employee review: APHW supports promotion from within

You’ve probably heard ‘Just get your foot in the door’ a million times. When he joined our customer service team, Mark knew America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) had a reputation for promotion from within—but he didn’t expect it to affect him so soon.

His passion for internet security developed early. “One of my gaming accounts got hacked when I was 13 years old,” Mark described. “Several hundred dollars’ worth of games were lost, just like that. I changed all my passwords and started using a password manager, and I started getting more and more into security, learning how to use and configure antivirus software, Windows® firewalls, and more. I just wanted to prevent that from happening to anybody, ever again,” he said.

An Information Technology (IT) position was his ultimate goal, but Mark didn’t feel he had the time to vet businesses while pursuing his Computer Science degree. So he aimed for something convenient, but still a good work environment—and found APHW. “There are a lot of good employee reviews online, and normally companies don’t have that many,” he explained. “Everyone was talking about the company culture, and how supportive and nice everybody is. I was actually a bit weirded out in the beginning because of that, but once I came onboard, I learned that everything they said was true.”


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Why promote from within?

APHW’s reputation really stood out to Mark, too, earning his loyalty early on. “The company not only says that they prefer to promote from within, but they actually do it,” he said, noting how a lot of people have received promotions even during his time here. “That really stood out—and keeps standing out—to me, because if I’m a good fit with our company, and a good fit for a new position, it’s good to know that I’d get that opportunity before they look to hire outside the company.”

That good fit opened up right around Mark’s 6-month point at APHW, when the IT department added an Information Technology Specialist position. “I thought, Hey, I might as well work there while I’m getting my degree!” he said, noting his previous experience in IT. After applying and going through an interview process, Mark earned the new job title working in the department he’d always wanted in the first place.

“I feel like I’m welcome to voice my opinions on anything here, which is very important to me,” Mark said. “I don’t have to hide or sugarcoat anything, and if I come up with new ideas or ways to improve on things, Mike Sadler [VP of Operations] is very open to hear about it.”


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Promotion from within is win-win

Companies that promote from within must have the upper hand, because APHW soon saw Mark earning recognition as the company’s January 2022 Employee of the Month. The award served to recognize his internet security efforts, which dramatically strengthened the staff’s security scores and awareness over the past year and improved our ability to recognize and stop cybersecurity threats, all while successfully implementing an MDR platform.

“It really surprised me,” he still said. “There are just so many others who do so much around here—I never thought I did more.”

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Time to get your foot in the door

Mark started in APHW’s customer service, and now he’s developing his IT career. Visit our careers page or call 800.648.5006 ext. 236 today to discover where your feet might land at America’s Preferred Home Warranty. “Everybody’s nice here,” Mark added with a smile. “It’s a very general statement… but it’s the truth.”

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