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Customer review: ‘Their process was seamless’

As nice as it is receiving a home warranty as a gift, unless you’ve used that one before, you have no idea whether it will actually help when the time comes. According to Pennsylvania homeowner Jennifer Hopp, the America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) contract included with her home has been everything she and her family needed—to the tune of renewing twice on their own!

"This company has been wonderful to work with! We ended up with them by chance at the purchase of our home as the sellers paid for our first year as a part of our home sale. We ended up needing them a few months into ownership when our air conditioning stopped working on a hot August day. Their process was seamless with the service company we had come out, and anytime we have needed to call in, we have had excellent service and have all of our questions answered easily. It was an easy decision to continue renewing our home warranty with them after our first year: I highly recommend them."

Thank you so much Jennifer! We’re glad our award-winning customer service reps have lived up to their name.

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