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Customer Changes Cautious Contractor’s Mind

In a Google review of America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), Steve Sedahl out of Apex, North Carolina, wrote, “The best reviews come from the contractors I’ve hired to do repairs.” We were inspired to do some digging to find out what he meant.

Steve has made several claims with APHW, each of which was a quick and easy process on the phone. “The couple of times that I’ve called, I haven’t had to wait very long to talk to somebody, and they’ve been super helpful—really going into detail,” Steve said. “They clearly know what they are doing.”

His latest claim involved a 19-year-old air conditioner. When his contractor advised it was beyond saving, Steve knew his warranty wouldn’t cover a complete system, he said. But APHW still approved a healthy amount toward a replacement, “Which I thought was great!” he exclaimed.

Steve was used to an easy process by now, but his contractor hadn’t worked with an America’s Preferred Home Warranty before and was clearly skeptical. “When I talked with [the contractor] and said this was a home warranty, the guy just went, ‘Oh, okay.’ Obviously, they’d had bad experiences with other home warranties before,” Steve said. “But once they had their initial conversation with APHW customer service, he said, ‘Those guys are really good. That was as easy as it’s ever been to do a warranty job! Sometimes they’re just awful and rude, but this was a pleasant experience.’ He was really happy.”

Having the ability to choose his own contractor is a definite perk for Steve. “I like the freedom to call whoever I want,” he said. “I think I stumbled into a pretty good company.”

Steve plans to renew his home warranty again in the future. “The first year the previous owners paid for our warranty. When it came around last year, I was like, ‘No-brainer,’ and renewed it. Obviously, I’m going to do it again this year. It just makes sense,” Steve said.

“You know when you’re looking at a house, it’s inevitable you’re going to have some trouble—that’s why you have the warranty. If something goes wrong, you get some help. To me, it’s just a good investment,” he said. “The peace of mind it brings is worth it.”

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