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Celebrate Independence with America’s Preferred Home Warranty

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Working with a Contractor

Americans love the Fourth of July—and America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is no exception. In fact, it’s one of our favorite holidays, because it celebrates the foundation we’ve built much of our company on: Freedom.

At APHW, freedom is a big part of the entire home warranty experience. That’s why we are the only leading home warranty company to give customers so much freedom with home warranty claims and home repairs. Here’s what that means for you.

Choose a licensed contractor you know and trust

One of the biggest benefits of having an APHW home warranty is having the power to choose your own contractor. Why is this important? Instead of having to use contractors who work for us, APHW customers can choose any licensed contractor to provide a quote and do repairs. This gives you—the homeowner—control over the entire process.

What are some other advantages?

And that control doesn’t stop at your choice of contractor—here are some other reasons why choosing your own contractor is a huge benefit for homeowners.

  • Get repairs completed on your schedule. If you’re busy (like most people), you can make an appointment when it’s most convenient for you, and not during the service window the home warranty company contractor usually provides.
  • Work with someone you know or comes recommended. You can use a licensed contractor who’s helped you at your home before, or one that your family or friends trust. You can also choose any licensed contractor you want based on customer reviews and feedback.
  • Have repairs done by someone who works for you, not us. When you choose your own licensed contractor, you get an independent assessment of the problem. This keeps you and your licensed contractor in control from start to finish.

How to find a local licensed contractor

Not every homeowner has a licensed contractor they’ve worked with before. Maybe you’re new to the area, haven’t experienced breakdowns in the past, or you’re not sure who to turn to for a specific type of repair. Here’s how APHW can help:

Pick the parts you want (for repairs or replacement)

An added benefit of choosing your own contractor is getting a choice when it comes to how repairs are completed. At America’s Preferred Home Warranty, we don’t tell your contractor what parts or brands to use when repairing your home appliances and systems—you do!

Here’s why it’s important to have a choice when it comes to choosing repair parts:

  • You get to pick the right parts for the job. This means there’s no pressure to use inferior parts, and you won’t get stuck with parts your home warranty company’s contractor recommends.
  • You get to choose the brand. If you prefer name-brand parts over something aftermarket, you get to choose the parts that are made specifically for your appliance or system.
  • You also get to pick the colors. When an appliance is replaced and doesn’t look like the original, it can really make a difference in your home’s appearance. With APHW, you can pick the color, so you don’t end up with something that doesn’t match.

At APHW there are no parts or brand restrictions. With approved claims, you can use the funds toward whatever parts you need to get your home back to normal—or apply that money toward a new replacement!

Get the coverage and upgrades you want

What if you have a basic home warranty, but it doesn’t cover everything you own? APHW offers additional coverage and upgrades that help cover more of your home.

In addition to our basic home warranty coverage, America’s Preferred Home Warranty offers a wide range of optional add-ons that can protect more of the items you use every day. So, if you have a second refrigerator, a gas fireplace, an in-ground pool, or a sprinkler system that you want to make sure are protected, APHW can provide the coverage you need!

For more information about our home warranties and your freedom to choose as one of our customers, call 866.394.8767 or get in touch with us at APHW.com for a free quote.

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