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APHW.COM Launches New Look

We’ve updated our website! After months of research, data collection, surveys, and more, America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) has a new look for APHW.COM—and we’re thrilled!

“We pride ourselves on being innovative, and that just wasn’t coming through with our previous website,” said APHW Marketing Director Jeff Fett, noting how APHW’s research led to transforming the website for modern users. “So we took a good look at our identity, and now our website looks and performs better for today’s digital environment, giving our customers a better experience.”

What’s New?

Easier navigation for Homeowners, including:

  • Available plans and coverage options in detail
  • A News + Tips page with regular home maintenance tips, company news updates, and customer reviews
  • Clear information about who we are, what we do, and what we stand for

Convenient information for Real Estate Professionals and Home Builders:

  • Easy access to Real-Pro® for warranty ordering and tracking
  • Clear information about buyer, seller, and optional coverages
  • Easy sales rep location

Family First

APHW is a company that believes in family, first and foremost. “We’ve always valued ourselves as family oriented, and I think the new website really drives this concept home,” Jeff said, adding how the website features all stages of family life. “From your first home to raising kids, to the kids moving on, to the stage of life where you want to downsize—we know the family stresses that can come when an air conditioner or furnace or something else breaks down. When things like this happen, we want you to know that we will be there for you.”

Jeff recommended some other new aspects to the website as well. “We want you to come and read the first-person testimonials on our new News + Tips section,” he said, “and how our customers have their home appliances and systems fixed rather quickly and can get back to enjoying living in their home with their family. We also have several new videos that get into the hidden costs of home ownership, and how we can help.”

Visit APHW.COM today for an update you don’t want to miss!

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