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APHW ‘Worth a Conversation’

Have you ever heard ‘home warranties’ and changed the subject? Not exactly a hot topic, we know—but you might be missing out. “When Amy Boatright reached out with a job opportunity at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), I’ll be honest; my first inclination was, ‘Home warranties? I’m not doing that.’ But then I thought it might be worth a conversation,” said former real estate agent Kelley Morris.

The more Kelley learned about the company, the more intrigued she became. “I checked out the reviews, and I also reached out to my real estate agent to see what she knew about APHW. She actually sent me a photo of the APHW display in her office and provided some really positive feedback from her team.”

After Kelley met with her future territory’s Regional Sales Director, the reasons to move forward just snowballed, and she joined APHW in December 2019 as their East Central Ohio Area Sales Manager—right before the pandemic hit.

“COVID caught me by surprise,” Kelley said, describing how her job suddenly changed from in-person to virtual sales. “But APHW was amazing, and we were able to change and flex what we needed to do to stay in contact with our customers. Securing new business was challenging, but we were able to overcome that together as a team.”

Kelley’s favorite aspect of APHW is how servant leadership resonates throughout the company. “I love the amount of support that we provide to agents, and the quick turnaround for urgent needs,” she said. “Plus, I believe in what I sell. I can be confident making promises in the field, because I know the promise keepers behind what I’m selling will do everything they can to follow through.”

The company must be a good fit for Kelley, because APHW recognized her as a Rising Star for 2020. “That put a big smile on my face,” she said, noting her aspirations to continue working hard for the company. “We’re growing so quickly—who knows what opportunities will open up.”

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