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APHW Supports Child & Family Charities with Auction Sponsorship, Donation

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) sponsored the auctions at the Child and Family Charities (CFC) annual 2018 Red Nose Ruckus! fundraiser last Friday, December 7th, helping to raise money for foster children, at-risk youth and families in the Mid-Michigan Area. Combined with the events of the evening and an additional APHW donation of $25,000, the total revenue of the fundraiser reached $225,000.

A Close Relationship

APHW has been involved with the charity since 2011, when company president Randy Caltrider met CFC Director of Development Demphna Krikorian at one of their fundraisers. “I had accepted a check from the Women’s Council of Realtors, and I spoke a little bit about the agency. Randy was so impressed that he actually matched that check that day,” Demphna said. “After that APHW has just been growing with their connection with us.”

That growth has included donations, volunteering, company-held events and more. “We literally have hundreds of kids that we get wish lists from during the holidays, and these last two years, they’ve been taking a list of 50 kids and fulfilling it,” Demphna said. She also added that APHW did a bike build event for foster children last year, has plans for another event this year, and has brought many people to CFC events who have supported the mission. “Just having those gaps in our funding filled has been invaluable to our mission and the children, youth and families we serve every year.”

Recognizing Their Support 

CFC presented Randy and his wife Pam with the Extending Our Reach award at the event, recognizing that APHW’s donations have increased over the last few years and that they have become one of CFC’s largest supporters.

“It’s just incredible,” said CFC CEO Julie Thomasma. “There are many people who knowRandy and Pam as ideal neighbors and members of the community, as well asAmerica’s Preferred Home Warranty and their employees. They really care, and they have been amazing partners to us.”

Randy frequently talks about his faith as the motivation behind his giving, according to Julie. “He always talks about how he feels as though it’s important to pass on the blessings he and his company received. APHW and its leadership are such a wonderful testament to God’s work and what God would want,” she said. “We’ll wonder how we’re going to make something happen, and oftentimes America’s Preferred Home Warranty and its employees will come alongside us and make a donation or host a fundraiser to make it happen. We’re so blessed in that way.”

How You Can Help

Visit the Child and Family Charities website to learn how you can contribute to this amazing charity, helping to strengthen and support foster children, at-risk youth and families throughout mid-Michigan. “We help around 7,500 children, youth and families every year, and we’re truly powered by the community,” Julie said. “Every little bit means a lot to us, and anything you can do to get involved goes a long way to help.”