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‘APHW makes me WANT to give back’

When America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) recognized Area Sales Manager Kathy Jambor as Team Player of the Year, she felt honored of course. But Kathy’s actual response—coming from a team player—was perfect: “I’m just reciprocating what they give to me,” she said.

Kathy started at APHW about four years ago, after six months of interviews. “I couldn’t wait to start, I was so ready to be a part of the family,” she said. “I was starting a brand-new territory, and I received a really good foundation and great tools to help me in the field. Even when I didn’t completely understand all of the training, I still absorbed it, and it all really became a part of what I do, even today.”

Amazing as it was, the company’s training program isn’t what kept Kathy there, but the support of the APHW family. “There have been people all along the way for me,” Kathy said. “Steve Pratt, the training team, Kelly Croskey (who I see as a great mentor), Steve Fletcher who came out and traveled with me… I’ve just been so supported in my career at APHW.”

And that support extends beyond the job itself. “90 days into my job I had a disc rupture in my neck. I had to have emergency surgery, and in my old position, I would have felt so stressed about getting back to work. But everyone at APHW was so helpful throughout that period—I couldn’t wait to get back, to give back to the company,” Kathy said. “I realized right at the beginning the kind of support I had, and it just made me want to give back even more.”

The APHW family even stayed strong through the difficulties of COVID-19, a feat which Kathy remains incredibly grateful for. “Change is hard, and with everything that happened last year, we could have easily failed. A lot of companies did. But APHW gave us all the tools to function through the changes. We all thrived, both out in the field and back at Corporate. The customer service team continued providing the same incredible level of support they always have, which is so important to us out here. We all have the same mission, and I don’t know of any other job I’ve had where all the cogs in the wheel really work together, like we do.”

In the end, giving back is what drives Kathy’s success. “I am given so much at APHW, from tools and support to communication, training, and any number of other things,” she said. “It all just makes me want to give back, so I do.”

Real estate agents in Minnesota, Fargo and Western Wisconsin, or Eastern North Dakota can reach Kathy at 952.277.9776 or kjambor@aphw.com. Agents can also call 800.583.8157 or visit APHW.COM to find their local area sales manager.

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