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APHW Employee Named MMG Woman of the Week for Community Service

Arlene Robinson—is there anything this woman can’t do? Just last year, Jackson College recognized her with their Martin Luther King Jr. Medal of Service Award. Now Jackson, Michigan’s NewsTalk radio (WKHM) has featured Arlene as their McKibbin Media Group (MMG) Woman of the Week, citing progress in the City of Jackson as a result of her efforts to serve the community.

“I’m just one of those individuals that enjoys getting out there and doing things for others,” Arlene said. “I feel like I’ve stood on the shoulders of those before me … a lot of pioneers that were part of the city of Jackson and paving the way for many of us; and I’m looking to do the same.”

Arlene currently works in the Accounting department for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), but she’s been busy serving the community for decades. While she previously served about 40 years in the banking industry (not to mention managing two Comerica Bank branches and serving as a Branch Coordinator/Loan Officer for South Central Credit Union), Arlene also served as Treasurer, Vice President, and then President of the Jackson County NAACP in succession.

The life-long resident of Jackson, Michigan was also elected as the First Ward City Council Member in 2013, served as the Treasurer of the Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club for more than 28 years, and stands in as Vice Mayor of Jackson when the need arises. All of this falls among many other accomplishments, including Arlene’s pride and joy: The Martin Luther King Center remodel project.

“We’re making progress, but I don’t want to take all the credit,” Arlene said, listing both the mayor and NAACP’s Henry Grayson as instrumental to her efforts, as well as both the previous and current directors of the King Center, and the entire council. “I just would like to feel that I am leaving some legacy here for my children and grandchildren.”

Click here for the full radio interview.

We are so incredibly proud to have Arlene on our team here at APHW, and this is just one more gold star for this incredible woman’s efforts to serve the community and build up the people around her.

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