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God Has Blessed Us—So We Give Back

For those who receive much, much is expected in return. Luke 12:48

Randy Caltrider was 52 before he decided to look for a company of his own. America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) caught his interest, and he met with then-owner Doris Anderson.

“I rode with her for a few days and visited her customers,” Randy said, learning how she had beaten cancer through her Christian faith. At the time, the price she quoted for the business was more than Randy could afford, so he had to step away from the deal—but the friendship remained.

“Unbeknownst to me,” Randy said, “her cancer had come back.” One day over lunch she told him she had to go get checked out, and they prayed together. Almost seven months later, Randy received a call from her husband, saying she had passed.

Cancer has been a very ugly thing for all of Randy’s life. He lost his mother to it in the 4th grade, and many others over the years. His stepdaughter Crystal was only recently cleared of stage 4 breast cancer. So, he understood how Mr. Anderson felt. “He couldn’t set foot in the office anymore… she was his soulmate,” Randy said. Doris had spoken highly of Randy to her husband, however, and Mr. Anderson knew she would prefer APHW go to someone who would keep it in Jackson, Michigan. “He said if I came to meet with him, he’d make me a deal I couldn’t resist. I thought to myself, this must be a God thing,” Randy said.

APHW had a rough first year after Randy took over. “By February I was in trouble,” he said. “We did a lot of hours on our knees, praying.” In an effort to improve the situation he expanded into Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina. As a result of that expansion, revenue tripled, and the company hasn’t stopped growing since.

“The Lord has really blessed us beyond measure. Even through the tough times we’ve experienced growth. People would ask me why, and I would say, ‘God Economics,’” Randy said, referring to the Bible verse Luke 12:48. “That’s why we’re able to give, and we give in a mighty way to cancer.”

APHW gives thousands every year to a variety of cancer charities, including the Relay for Life. Over the last 12 months the staff has raised nearly $14,000 for the relay through various events and raffles at the corporate office. With Randy’s contribution, the final amount will top over $41,000 at this year’s relay in Jackson, Michigan.

“It’s all about being able to help and give back to the community, for those people that can’t afford doctors,” Randy said. “I’m finally in a position where I can make a difference, and there’s a lot of people in this world that don’t have insurance or the ability to be involved with a good hospital. A lot of the dollars we give go toward that.”

“I’ve lost a lot of people in my life to cancer, so I have a burning desire to do everything we can to get rid of it. I get really excited when we as a corporation work so hard to raise the dollars we do. It takes a lot of organization and hard work—just thinking about what they give, it just amazes me,” Randy said. “We’ve got a great bunch of employees at APHW who have a heart to help other people,” he said. “And it’s an honor to serve them.”

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