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APHW CSR Training Program Certified by CPDSO

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Have you ever considered working for a call center? How about one with a 5-week paid training program (certified for excellence), an additional 2 weeks with a dedicated support trainer, a healthy work/life balance, and a culture that actually cares about you?

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is actively hiring full-time customer service representatives for our inbound call center, in-office or remote, and starting at $14/hour with benefits. Call 800.648.5006 ext. 236 or visit APHW.COM/CAREERS today for more information—or keep reading to learn about our amazing training program!

The APHW Customer Service Representative (CSR) Training Program earned Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation from the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) July 8, 2021, less than three months after their Area Sales Manager Training Program achieved the same accreditation. “The CPDSO accredits training curriculums for companies all over the world,” said Marketing Systems Coordinator Heidi Vickers. “They did a really in-depth dive into our training course and company standards, and this is an exciting achievement!”

As before, achieving this accreditation took a group effort. “It was very collaborative between Mike Sadler [VP of Operations] and Phil West [VP & General Counsel] and their teams, as well as Beth Conaway [Corporate Training Manager],” said Steven Pratt, the Director of Field Sales Training.

“Our training has come a long way in my ten years here,” Mike said. “It’s evolved with the growth of the company—all of the new people coming in, new management, new supervisors, and new ideas. It’s always changing, and I really feel our program is why we have some of the best customer service in the industry.”

APHW’s training program experienced several changes in leadership over the years, with Beth taking over about four years ago. She’s really nailed down all of the processes since, setting a standard of requirements and class goals, and all while ensuring a constant stream of feedback. “It’s a collaboration to keep the material current and relevant,” Beth said. “We’ve worked hard to put this program together, and we’re always looking at ways we can improve.”

“Beth has really led this last couple of years, and she’s really done a tremendous job to make sure our training is the best it can be,” Mike said. “She deserves a lot of the credit for this certification and the confidence that it will provide for our new recruits; that our training is going to prepare them with the tools they need to be successful.”

“We’ve believed for a long time that we have the best program for training CSRs in the industry,” Steve said. “Now we have the accreditation to identify that, and it feels good.”

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