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APHW ‘Came in Handy’ for Maryland homeowner’s basement leak

Maryland homeowner Anugraha Singh and his wife really appreciated the America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) contract their REALTOR® provided as a housewarming gift. Little did they know, though, how much more they would appreciate it over time.

They filed their first claim for their microwave exhaust fan, and thankfully were approved for a new one, allowing them to quickly resume their kitchen routine. Then once spring had sprung, so had a plumbing concern. “There was a leak on the basement ceiling, and we didn’t know where it was coming from,” Anugraha said.

After filing his claim, Anugraha went to choose his own contractor for the job. “Though the contractors were not aware of APHW initially, they were both very open to working with APHW, so it worked out perfectly,” he said.

On top of that, Anugraha was pleasantly surprised when he got a call back for a higher approval amount toward the basement repair than he initially had been advised. “APHW came in handy to cover this cost, which could’ve been a hefty expense,” he said.

After filing multiple claims, renewing his contract with APHW was an easy decision for Anugraha. For others looking to cover their homes with one, the experience is, as he put it, “worth seeing for yourself before you hear it from others.” Because after several helpful interactions and good coverages with APHW, “There is nothing to be nervous about,” Anugraha said.

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