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America’s Preferred Home Warranty claims are easy for sellers, too

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Real estate home warranties often bring to mind the benefits buyers get when a home warranty is included in a sale. But did you know that sellers can get protection, too? At his REALTOR’s® recommendation, Michigan homeowner Allen Harrison added a home warranty to his home at listing, which turned out to be a great decision—especially after Allen discovered how easy America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) claims can be.

“I called APHW, and they told me the procedure to file a claim for my A/C unit. I chose a contractor to come over and diagnose the problem, and he gave the diagnosis to APHW over the phone,” Allen described. “We got approval, the contractor did his part, we did ours, and the check was in the mail. It was all pretty seamless!”

Allen especially appreciated how everything was completed either online or right over the phone. “It was very convenient,” he said. “And I believe the warranty helped the home to sell faster too; it gave the buyers confidence and peace of mind that if any other appliances failed, they would be taken care of.”

After this experience, Allen recommends that others selling their homes include an APHW home warranty. “It’s just a good, easy warranty,” he said.

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Convenient America’s Preferred Home Warranty claims are just the beginning

With 24/7/365 award-winning customer service and an easy 3-step claims process, America’s Preferred Home Warranty claims are convenient for buyers and sellers alike. But sellers who list with an APHW home warranty receive several other advantages as well.

Discover how you can get a competitive advantage for the sale, prevent post-sale headaches, and receive higher offers with our home seller benefits. Want to know more? Ask your real estate professional about an APHW home warranty today! 

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