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Septic Sense: Maintaining the Motions

One of the finer aspects of society living is public plumbing: Once you flush, it goes away. But with more than 20 percent of households relying on an onsite system to treat their wastewater, you may have found yourself with a septic tank to maintain. Don’t panic: While repairs can be costly, septic systems typically have a 30-year life expectancy with proper maintenance.

First Things First

A little bit about your septic system: It consists of a large underground tank and a drain field. The tank is designed to handle the solid matter, while the treated waste water escapes into the drain field through a filter.

Your maintenance goals, should you accept them, are to:

  • Prevent excessive solid waste accumulation in the tank, and
  • Prevent groundwater contamination.

Ew, right? Relax, you won’t be digging around in… ick. It’s mostly just having it serviced regularly, using a ‘good’ bacteria additive, and some good old-fashioned common sense. Check out this article, ‘Your Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance’ on*, for an easy read that explains what to do and how to do it, along with suggestions to help extend the life of your tank.

So let’s roll up our pantlegs (kidding!) and get to work enjoying our modern plumbing!

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