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How to light a pilot light on different gas appliances

Blue flames rise from a pilot light beneath an appliance

The pilot light may be slowly disappearing into history, but those of us with older gas appliances likely still have a few to… well, light! So if any of these gas appliances in your home have one, we’ve found these step-by-steps for you on how to light a pilot light that’s gone out.

For gas appliances that require an open flame to light the pilot light, you will need a grill lighter or an extra-long match. You may also need some basic tools to access the pilot light, depending on the appliance.

Important safety tip: In most cases, a thermocouple will prevent gas from continuing to fill up the space if a pilot light goes out. Regardless, it is unsafe to leave a pilot out for extended periods of time, and you should always set a gas valve to ‘off’ and allow any remaining gas to dissipate for 5 to 10 minutes before attempting to light a pilot. We also recommend a review of the manufacturer’s user manual in all cases.

Middle-aged white male contractor works to light a pilot light on an appliance

My pilot light won’t stay lit

If a pilot light won’t stay lit, it may need a thermocouple replacement, and you should turn off the gas to that appliance until it’s fixed. This fix requires some expert disassembly, so we recommend hiring a professional—but America’s Preferred Home Warranty can help with that cost. Call 888.351.3681 or click here to learn more about coverage for these and many more home systems and appliances today!

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