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Home technology for the holidays

White woman looks at smartphone in kitchen with 7 large, blue, hologram device icons coming out of it

For many homeowners, colder weather means a Friendsgiving or family visit is only a few weeks away. Consider making the following smart home upgrades to make your holidays easier, so you have more time to spend with loved ones.


A black and silver robot vacuum cleans a hardwood floor with a metal chair in the background


Make holiday meals easier with kitchen tech

Food is at the center of many gatherings, but making it can often be time-consuming. Use the following devices to prepare and clean up food more easily.

Automatic pot stirrer

Some recipes call for endless stirring to get the flavors and consistency just right. With an automatic pot stirrer, you can multitask more effectively and save your arm strength for snowball fights.

Robot vacuum

Instead of sprinting through your home with your vacuum and its mile-long cord in tow, let a robot vacuum handle your spilled breadcrumbs and give yourself more time to put the finishing touches on your ugly holiday sweater.

Automatic Composter

Make fewer runs to your trash bin with an automatic indoor composter. Your fruit and veggie scraps get a second life, and it’s good for the environment, too!


A gray cylindrical voice assistant device rests on a white coffee table in front of a tan couch adorned with 3 pillows: one navy with gold embroidery, one red, and one yellow


Make hosting easier with living room tech

Give your guests the maître d' experience as soon as they walk through the door—and give yourself fewer reasons to constantly get up while you entertain.

Voice assistant

Now popular with many homeowners, voice assistants serve as hubs for adjusting your home’s temperature, lighting up areas where people are gathering, and setting the desired mood. They can also answer questions and give you reminders, helping you prepare for any occasion.

Smart coffee table

What will they think of next? With some models offering refrigerators, lighting options, expandable tabletops, or charging stations, the coffee table has been elevated from a simple piece of furniture to a high-tech conversation hub.


A spherical essential oil diffuser made of tan wood and white plastic rests on a wooden trivet and sits to the left of a bundle of baby's breath and to the right of an unfolded beige sweater, a clear, full glass of water, dried lavender, and small, brown bottles of essential oil


Stay relaxation ready with stress relief gadgets

Use any of the following items to begin unwinding before the party starts, or as soon as your guests have gone. 

  • Smart oil diffuser
  • Heated neck wrap 
  • Deep tissue massager

With these and other home upgrades, you can “tech” your home to a whole new level of comfort this holiday season. Which device caught your eye? Visit us on Facebook or Instagram to tell us your thoughts!