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Electricians get the job done!

Electricity defines the way we live, now more than ever. We need it for most forms of modern work and play. It powers our appliances, our lights, our home systems, our water heaters (and our running water for that matter)! Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, electricity directly impacts how we move and live—and it doesn’t go unnoticed when something goes wrong.

That’s why we’re taking a moment to celebrate electricians. THANK YOU, SPARKIES!

Trained and licensed electricians are the reason you and I can live safely in our homes. When you’re having electrical issues or you lose power altogether, they’re the ones to call. Electricians inspect and repair your home appliances and systems, preventing common electrical fires, and letting us rest easy in our homes!

To all the licensed electricians out there, please accept this loud and resounding THANK YOU from America's Preferred Home Warranty. We appreciate all you do to keep our customers safe!

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