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Don’t Get ‘Fired Up’ Over Lint

Seriously though, did you know that lint can be a fire hazard in your home? You may already know to empty the lint trap between dryer loads, but the trap doesn’t catch everything. And what happens when the filter clogs up over time with the tiny stuff, like leftover soap or dryer sheet residue?

That’s where the maintenance member of the family should step in.

Dryer maintenance may not be much fun, but it is vital: Proper maintenance and usage can not only help prevent home fires, but also extend the life of your dryer, saving you money in the long run.

Check out these 9 Dryer Maintenance Tips to Live By* for a step-by-step list to help keep your dryer running and your home safe. Some good old-fashioned vigilance can help too—I’m sure my mother would have appreciated the ‘heads up’ that her dryer was running too hot
***before*** it caught on fire… (Sorry Mom.)

*America’s Preferred Home Warranty is not affiliated with and has not collaborated with in any capacity.

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