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Be winter ready: 7 steps to build a family emergency kit

There’s no denying it: The cold weather has arrived, and it's time to talk about something important – building a family emergency kit for winter weather. Don't worry; we're not turning your living room into a doomsday bunker. Think of this as your guide to becoming the superhero your family needs when the thermostat drops and the snow starts falling.

1. Warm up with the basics

Think about what you'd need if your power decided to go out. We're talking about:

  • Water and Snacks: Stock up on water (about a gallon per person, per day) and grab some non-perishable snacks – granola bars, nuts, and maybe some cookies (for morale, of course).
  • Layer Up: Blankets, cozy socks, and hoodies, oh my! Make sure you've got enough warm gear for everyone in the family. 

Pro Tip: Toss in a few extra blankets for impromptu living room forts!

2. Patch up the boo-boos

Accidents happen, especially when snowball fights are involved. Be the family hero with a first aid kit that includes band-aids, pain relievers, and whatever magic ointment you use for battle scars.

3. Let there be light

When the power decides it's too cold to work, you'll need some light to find those blankets and snacks. Grab a few flashlights, stock up on batteries, and don't forget the candles for a cozy atmosphere.

4. Stay informed, stay sane

You don't need a full degree in meteorology, but a weather update wouldn't hurt. Add a battery-powered radio to your kit to stay in the loop. Also, if your smartphone is as glued to your hand as ours are, don't forget to keep a portable power bank charged and ready to juice up your device.

5. Charge up and navigate

While we're on the subject of charging, make sure all your devices are full up. And just in case your GPS decides it's too cold to function, throw in a good old-fashioned map, too. Bonus points if it's a treasure map — it could make for a fun snow day adventure!

6. Fur babies and tiny humans

If you've got pets or little ones, they've got needs too. Pack some pet food, baby formula, and maybe a favorite toy or two to keep everyone content. Got cans without tabs? Make sure to have a manual can opener handy.

7. Check, update, and high-five yourself

Emergency kits aren't like fine wine; they don't get better with age. Every so often, check your stash, toss expired items, and make sure everything still works. Then, give yourself a high-five for being the prepared superhero your family deserves.

And there you have a guide to creating a family emergency kit for winter. With just a bit of planning, a dash of common sense, and maybe a dance move or two, you can be prepared to be the winter superhero your family never knew they needed. Stay warm, stay safe, and go conquer winter! 

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