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4 excellent ways to use your clothes dryer

Your clothes dryer can be useful for much more than just drying your clothes! Use these clothes dryer hacks to save yourself time, straighten things out in a pinch, and even help on the hygiene side of things. Seriously!

(In all cases, however, be sure you’re reading the care instructions included with your clothing. The last thing you want to do is ruin your favorite outfit by mistake.)

1. How to get out wrinkleswithout an iron

It happens to the best of us: You do the laundry and even get it out of the dryer, but then you leave it in the laundry basket. Suddenly a big presentation or important date comes up, the one shirt you need is a wrinkled mess, and you don’t even own an iron. What now? It’s the clothes dryer to the rescue!

The Steam Refresh cycle

Some dryers attach to your home’s water system, providing a Steam Refresh cycle that works those wrinkles right out of your favorite shirt.

No steam option?

Wet down a clean hand towel or sponge and toss it in the dryer with your shirt for a few minutes. The heat will turn the moisture from the wet item into steam to straighten out those wrinkles.

Prevent wrinkles early with Permanent Press

If you’re someone that puts your clothing away the second it’s done, the Permanent Press cycle is an often-overlooked option that could also work for you. It slows the drum rotation and reduces the heat for a gentler drying, reducing wrinkle-inducing pressure.

A closeup of blue bacteria

2. How to get rid of bugs and germs with the Sanitize Cycle

Clothes dryers with a Sanitize Cycle can increase the heat to temperatures high enough to kill off various bugs (lice, moth larvae, bedbugs, etc.) and bacteria. This can be particularly useful for sanitizing sheets and other clothing items when you or your guests have recently recovered from an illness.

Be sure to run the Sanitize Cycle for a minimum of 30 minutes (preferably for a full cycle) for full effectiveness.

3. Fluff your down comforter in your clothes dryer

The best part of having a fluffy down or down alternative comforter (besides just making your home happier) is the fluffiness! But what do you do when it starts to flatten out over time? Easy—just toss it in the dryer (on low or no heat) with a few tennis balls.

As the drum rotates, the tennis balls beat the comforter and fluff it out for you. Then when you take it out, it’s back to its former fluffy glory!

A red pair of sneakers

4. How to dry sneakers—and delicates!

A drum rack is one useful accessory that many dryers can accommodate. It effectively stabilizes sneakers or delicates, keeping them laying flat as the drum turns—this way your delicates don’t get beat up, and your sneakers don’t make your dryer try to walk down the hall. It’s also useful for ballcaps or other unusual apparel.

You can locate drum racks and other accessories for purchase on your clothes dryer’s manufacturer’s website, based on your model number.

Don’t forget standard dryer maintenance

A clothes dryer can be pretty useful, and proper clothes dryer maintenance is the best way to keep it working at top levels. But when your dryer eventually breaks down due to normal wear and tear, are repairs or replacement in your budget? Discover how America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) can help with this cost: Check out what we cover or call 866.589.5518 today to learn more!

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