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Worried You’re Underqualified? Try Anyway!

Anna Brown nearly passed up her opportunity to join America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) as a New York Area Sales Manager (ASM). The Christian roots of the company caught her eye, and she’d even started the application before noticing it asked for real estate experience. “I backed myself out, figuring I didn’t qualify,” she said. But one attentive recruiter noticed and reached out.

“A few hours later I got a call from Amy. I explained what happened, but she recommended that I complete the application anyway and actually gave me a small interview,” Anna said. She went on to speak with several other members of APHW leadership before getting flown to the corporate headquarters in Jackson, Michigan for a final round of interviews.

“I just loved the family feeling from Amy, Steve, and everybody throughout the process—just a warm, welcoming feeling from day one,” Anna said. “And I really liked that I would be able to grow and basically have my own business within the company.”

More than a year later, the now-seasoned ASM feels that every day is “such a blessing. Everybody really appreciates you and shares the same values here, and that feeling goes right through the workplace. We treat clients like part of our family, and it’s just a full circle of appreciation and offering a truly great product,” Anna said.

Getting to know the real estate professionals in her area has been a huge perk of the position as well. “I love the personal relationships that I’ve built with the agents through 1-on-1s, and even big trainings,” she said. “Each person is an individual growing relationship.”

And Anna continues to look for opportunities to grow APHW’s presence in the state of New York. “The trust and foundation provided for APHW clients and real estate professionals is what makes our partnership a value,” she said. “We build friendships, and long-lasting business relationships.”

New York area real estate professionals can reach Anna at 315.399.9612 or abrown@aphw.com.

Agents can also call 800.583.8157 or visit APHW.COM today for more information, or to find their local ASM.

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