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From Recruited to Recruiting: An Employee’s Point of View

Lynette was working at a call center in Jackson, Michigan, when a friend of hers, Pam, told her about an opportunity at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Pam had come to APHW from the same place, and told Lynette how much better the work environment was.

“She said it was a great place to work for,” said Lynette, “a very different atmosphere from our prior job. So, I came and checked it out. I agreed with her, and I got the job.”

APHW prides itself on providing a work environment that supports and encourages employees to do well and grow. “The training process was really effective,” Lynette remembered. “It was a lot of information, which I feel was needed for the position—I felt ready when I hit the floor.”

After three years as a customer service representative (CSR), Lynette applied to a supervisory position, and was selected for the promotion. “I was looking to move up,” she said. “I really admire the other two supervisors, and I thought I could do really well with other CSRs as well, to supervise and motivate.”

While she is thrilled with her advancement, Lynette appreciates other growth possibilities at APHW as well. “I like that there are opportunities in a lot of different departments,” she said, “and that they post openings internally as well as externally. I feel like there’s an area for everybody, whether it’s accounting or reception, customer service, or someplace else.”

Lynette also feels supported and encouraged by APHW’s upper management, and their open-door policies. “I’ve never met nicer people!” she said. “It just makes working here that much easier. They all add to the family atmosphere that everybody loves.”

America’s Preferred Home Warranty is currently seeking applicants for the call center, and Lynette strongly encourages folks to apply. “If you’ve been in customer service and you’re looking for a nicer environment, really nice fellow employees, and a homey atmosphere, then this would be a good place to start,” she said. “We’ll train you, we’ll work with you, and if you have any questions or concerns, no one’s afraid to help you with it. I think that’s hard to find in other places.”

APHW will be recruiting customer service representatives at Michigan Works! as an Employer of the Day on Monday, June 25, from 1-4 p.m. If you have any questions about available positions, please call Susan Town-Richards (Manager – Human Resource Development) at 1-800-648-5006 ext. 232, or email her at

Call 800.648.5006 ext. 236 or visit APHW.COM to learn about how you can join the APHW family today.

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