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The Path Changed—The Ministry Continued

Steve Fletcher knew something needed to change. His kids had left the nest, and after 20+ years in both youth and church ministry (with side trips in financial and executive direction), he was ready for something new—but Steve and his wife didn’t want to move. Enter America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) with the perfect job: National Field Sales Trainer.

“This being a remote position was huge,” Steve said. “I started contemplating if it was for me, and then I pulled up the website and saw Colossians 3:23—it really caught my eye that a company would put that out there.”

The job also tied strongly into Steve’s background in coaching. “I’ve always viewed myself as a coach, encourager, motivator, so that was part of the draw as well. Being someone who can speak into the lives of other people and see them succeed is a huge thing for me,” he said.

But the APHW culture is what pulled Steve across the finish line. “It wasn’t just stepping into ‘normal’ business,” he said. “Ultimately there’s a goal at the end of the day, but the fact that Jesus can be tied into it was really appealing to me. You don’t have to step in here and be something different from who you really are.”

That all started in October of 2019. Now over a year later, Steve has definitely found his footing with APHW.

“I didn’t grow up in a church—I grew up in a bar. So I’m comfortable in all situations and environments, and I’m just open to communicating with everybody, believers or otherwise,” he said. “I love knowing about people, learning their background and their story, and knowing what they’re experiencing and what they’re going through in life. I love leading people and watching them succeed, and I love how we approach business here—and how we approach life as well!”

And for as much as he loves his job, Steve doesn’t feel like he’s stepped out of ministry at all. “My philosophy is that we’re in ministry wherever we’re at,” he said. “There are 168 hours in a week, and you’re in church for an hour or two of that. Might as well use all that other time, too.” 

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