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No Home Warranty? No Sale.

Would you buy a home if it didn’t include a home warranty? Some might, but Jon Hoerauf wouldn’t. “I’ve told people I wouldn’t buy a home unless they included a home warranty,” he said. “Because you just never know.”

Jon discovered his current home warranty company, America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), when he sold his previous home. That sale turned out so well that he made sure his next home purchase included one as well. “I had it as part of the agreement that I wanted it on ours,” he said.

It was a good thing he did, because two appliances failed shortly after Jon and his family moved in. Most recently, his water heater became his second claim. “I called [APHW], and then we found a plumber that we knew in the area. He worked it out with them so we could get it replaced,” Jon said, adding that APHW made the payment process easier when they paid his contractor directly. “That was very helpful.”

“It was a good decision. I’ve been very happy with them,” Jon said, and wrote a Google review backing that up:

“I would definitely recommend America’s Preferred Home Warranty to anyone buying a home.”

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