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Customer review: Contractors told me APHW is the best

Home sellers: Did you know America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) can help protect your budget, too? When Jason Morris was selling his Georgia home, his agent recommended including APHW at listing. “We actually had another home warranty at the time, so we were just going to renew it,” Jason said. “But our agent insisted on APHW (and actually paid for it herself), saying that our existing home warranty didn’t work as well—and the contractors we used later both verified that.”

An industry study shows that including a home warranty on your home listing helps it to sell faster and for more money—and Jason received eight separate offers on his home! “It was part of the listing that the home was covered under a home warranty, and that it was transferable to the buyer,” he said. But when he negotiated a couple of fixes for the final buyer, they were more expensive than he’d anticipated.

“Had we known how much fixing the attic fan would be, we probably would have removed that line item from the contract,” Jason said. “But by then we were on the hook, so we were very fortunate that APHW was there! They covered much of that cost that would otherwise have been out of pocket for us: They really made the pain of it a lot less!”

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Contractors’ confidence

On top of the cost savings, Jason was able to choose his own licensed contractors for both fixes—both of whom told him that APHW has the best home warranty program.

“They told me APHW does the best in terms of approving the claims, making sure they’re valid, and getting the reimbursements out to us quickly,” he said. “And both were familiar with APHW’s process, so there were no issues at all.”

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‘List with APHW’

Jason strongly recommends including APHW when you list your home for sale. “Customer service was great! They answered right away, gave clear instructions, and emailed me all the details afterward, so you don’t have to remember everything up front.”

The experience also taught him an important lesson: “It’s a lot more expensive to sell a house than it is to buy one, so anything that can help soften those surprises is worthwhile—APHW was definitely worth it.”

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Thinking about listing your home?

Ask your real estate agent about adding America’s Preferred Home Warranty upon listing today: It can help protect your budget, sell your home faster and for more money, and protect against post-sale dispute costs. You can also visit APHW.COM for more details!

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