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Storytime: How Science Got Saved!

Let’s take a walk…

15-year-old Corinne burst through the front door and pushed it shut against the wind. It was bitterly cold outside, like the winter wind had a personal vendetta against anything living.

“Mom, I’m home!”

“Keep your coat on, hon. The heat’s out.”

“Oh no…”

Have you ever experienced that moment of panic? Not knowing how you’ll keep your family warm is especially scary in the coldest months… but what if you already knew the answer?

Corinne bundled up on the couch, pulling her cat under the blanket with her for extra warmth, though Fluffy seemed less enthused at the arrangement. “What are we going to do?”

“Don’t worry, I called America’s Preferred Home Warranty when the furnace quit, and we already have a tech on the way—remember John from last fall?”

“Oh yeah! He and Fluffy got along great,” Corinne laughed—then cringed at a sudden realization. “Does… this mean we can’t afford the field trip?”

“We’ll have to see, honey. Hang on, here he is now.”

Corinne’s mother let the tech in, and with an encouraging hat tip toward Corinne and Fluffy, John headed toward the basement, Mom in tow. A few minutes later Corinne could hear them talking, and then Mom calling the home warranty company to talk with the tech.

A few more minutes ticked by, and Corinne felt the whoosh of the heater clicking on. Fluffy quickly escaped the blanket to go lay right on the vent—go figure. “Mom?” Corinne called hesitantly down the stairs. She really wanted to go on that trip.

“It’s alright!” Her mom yelled up the stairs. “The home warranty covered the repair, and already paid the tech too, over the phone. The field trip is on!”

“Science Museum, here we come!”

Home systems break; budgets shouldn’t. America’s Preferred Home Warranty can help with the cost of getting covered items repaired or replaced—keeping your budget on track for more important things, like a science trip with your teen.

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