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4 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving at Home This Year

Having family and friends over for a Thanksgiving meal is a longstanding American tradition. But many families are planning a different way of celebrating this year, including anything from virtual Thanksgiving meals to online activities and volunteering.

Wondering how your family’s Thanksgiving plans stack up against others in the U.S. this year? A recent survey of 2,000 Americans shows how many plan to observe the holiday in 2020. Here’s what they found:

  • 54% will maintain six feet of social distancing as much as possible
  • 46% will make a guest list for easy contact tracing in case someone gets sick
  • 37% will have one person serving food and drinks to guests
  • 30% will take their guests’ temperature before having them enter
  • 24% will require guests to RSVP to attend Thanksgiving dinner
  • 27% will be celebrating the holiday outside

While COVID-19 presents many risks for Thanksgiving get-togethers, here are some ways you can make the holiday special, even if you’re staying home.

1. Prep the Meal Together

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends helps us build stronger connections, but many families feel they can’t share the experience with distance between them.

One way to overcome this is to schedule video calls with family members so you can discuss recipes, ingredients, and how you plan to celebrate. Even if you can’t all be together, you can set aside some time to bond over the hustle and bustle of pre-Thanksgiving planning.

2. Host a Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner

While getting together for Thanksgiving this year may be difficult, you do have some options for spending quality time with family and friends. If hosting Thanksgiving at your home feels too risky, set up a video call using Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Portal to celebrate the occasion.

The virtual party doesn’t have to stop when the meal’s over, either. While you’re together, you can watch a movie or football game, share thanks, make toasts, and even play games or do family-friendly activities to keep the celebration going.

3. Stay Festive Despite the Circumstances

Just because things are different this year, doesn’t mean you can’t stay in a celebrating mood. Instead of letting the holiday pass by without a lot of hoopla, put up some Thanksgiving decorations – like dried flowers, garlands, pumpkins, or corn – to help you and your home feel a bit more festive.

4. Become a (Virtual) Volunteer

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is a proud supporter of several charities and nonprofit organizations, so we always encourage everyone to give back and help others whenever possible, whether it’s at the local community level or on a much bigger scale.

Although in-person volunteering may be limited right now, there are lots of opportunities to help others without leaving home. In fact, you can check out Volunteer Match to find opportunities you and your family might be interested in.

No matter how you celebrate, making preparations for a safe Thanksgiving will bring everyone enjoyment and peace of mind.

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