Basic Coverage Details


Covered: Switches, controls, motors, bearings and blades.

Not Covered: Shutters, belts and filters, circulation or paddle-type fans.



Covered: (Electric refrigerant central air conditioning units only.) Coils and compressor, capacitor, motors, thermostat valves, thermostats, leaks in refrigerant lines, liquid suction line dryers, fuses, breakers, disconnect boxes (contactor), wiring, condensing units, evaporative coolers.

Not Covered: Window units, free-standing room units, water cooled units, portable units, any type of gas, lithium/glycol, outside and/or underground components and piping for geothermal including condenser fins, drain pans, cleaning, duct work associated with any gas units, electronic air filters or cleaners, filters, water towers, evaporative cooling pads, energy management systems, or recovery of refrigerant and chillers. Zone controls, zone motors, dampers, and leak tests.



Covered: Electrical breakers, wiring, panels and sub-panels, plugs, fuses, switches, conduit, junction box, central vacuum systems. Garage door openers (motors, push buttons, control boards, drive mechanisms, chains).

Not Covered: Service entrance cables, garage doors, meter boxes, counter balance mechanisms, rollers and remote sensing units, tracks, infrared sensors, any loss due to water seepage along service cable, any loss from overload or power failure, any electrical items or wiring located outside the perimeter of the principal dwelling and attached garage.



Covered: Water and sewer pipes between the home’s foundation and the water or sewer main pipe. Coverage applies to locating the pipe stoppage or collapse including excavation and backfilling, the repair and/or replacement of the affected pipe, and clearing of stoppage (cleaning same lines after 14 days has elapsed shall be considered a new claim and is subject to a new deductible), up to the coverage limit.

Not Covered: Landscaping replacement, frozen pipes, clean up of leaked material, blockages or breaks from tree roots and foreign objects.



Covered: Central heating system including electric, gas, oil, gravity (centrally ducted only), steam or hot water heat systems, ductwork, interior gas lines, thermostats, relays and wiring. Heat exchanger and/or combustion chamber, electric heat pump, burners, circuit board, igniter, flame sensor, transformer, gas valves, baseboard convectors, pumps, motors, switches, heating elements.

Boiler systems only: Zone valves, geothermal and/or water source heat pump components and parts located within the foundation of the home or attached garage which cool and/or heat the home.

Not Covered: Outside and/or underground components and piping for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps, well pump and well pump components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps. Free-standing or portable heating units, through-wall units, coal or wood burning equipment, fuel oil or propane gas storage tanks, fuel oil lines, registers, electronic air filters and cleaners, vents, space heaters, grills, filters, solar heating systems, radiators, fireplaces, clocks, chimneys and chimney liners, recovery of refrigerant and cleaning and energy management systems. Leak tests. Zone controls, zone motors and dampers.



Covered: Permanently mounted furnace humidifier including pans, housing, motors, fans, humidistats, transformers, valves and lines.

Not Covered: Humidifier pads, media elements, brushes, atomizers or back flush units.



Coverage is limited to primary kitchen area.

Covered: Free-standing range, built-in oven, built-in cooktop, built-in dishwasher (pump, motor, timers, gaskets, spray arm, seals, air gap, latches, switches and heating element, control board), built-in microwave, garbage disposal, refrigerator (compressor only).

Not Covered: Water dispenser, cracked or broken thermal shells, any loss or damage of a cosmetic nature such as denting, chipping, the cost of attaining access, replacement or repair of countertops or cabinets, racks, baskets, clocks, timers, rollers, glass or ceramic cooktops, self-cleaning mechanisms, cooking accessories, doors, door hinges, knobs, keypads, interior lining, door glass, latches, meat probes, rotisseries, shelves, ice makers, ice crushers, soap dispensers, beverage dispensers, broken interior, loss due to rust-out and food spoilage, recovery of refrigerant, and freezers which are not an integral part of refrigerator.



Covered: Drains and standard faucets, leaks and breaks to water, vent, gas or sewer lines, waste lines, assembly parts within the toilet tank, valves to shower, tub diverter, interior hose bibs, stoppage in drain, vent and sewer lines; angle stops and risers. Clearing of stoppages with rotary machine (cleaning same lines after 14 days has elapsed shall be considered a new claim and is subject to a new deductible). The foregoing is covered only within the perimeter of the main foundation of the home including attached garage. Permanently installed sump pumps (ground water only).

Not Covered: Sinks, bathtubs, fixtures, exterior hose bibs, filters, sewage ejector pumps, shower-base pans, shower enclosures, tub enclosures, toilet wax ring seals, toilet bowl and tank, caulking, grouting, tile fields, lawn sprinklers, leach beds, root damage, any loss arising out of a condition of chemical or mineral deposits, water residue, rust-out, or insufficient capacity drain, low or high pressure, loss arising from porcelain cracking, chipping, dents or other externally caused physical damages, storage or holding tanks, auxiliary sump pumps. Sewage lines located outside the main foundation of the home and blockages from tree roots and foreign objects.



Covered: Rolled roofing, asphalt shingles and flashing from water leaks only, and must occur during coverage period for coverage to apply.

Not Covered: Roof mount installations, roof vents, roof vent boots, gutters, drain lines, pre-existing leaks, leaks in any deck or balcony, leaks due to ice damming. Leaks which are caused by, or which result from, any of the following: Damage due to persons walking or standing on the roof, missing and/or broken tiles or shingles, repairs or construction not performed in a workmanlike manner, failure to perform normal roof maintenance, replacement of entire roof, rotten wood, flat and/or hot tar roof, or acts of God such as tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, and lightning. Water damage must occur in the roof located over the primary living area, excluding attached garage.



Covered: Septic tank and line from house, baffles, sewage ejector pump and switches.

Not Covered: Drain field, tile fields and leach beds, clean out, insufficient capacity, and blockages from tree roots and foreign objects.



Covered: All parts and components except: Those listed under “Not Covered”.

Not Covered: Soap dispensers, filter screens, plastic mini-tub, dials and knobs, lint screen, venting, and damage to clothing.



Covered: Electric, gas and tankless. Control thermostat and thermocouple, gas valves, pressure and temperature relief valve, heating elements, drain valve and instant hot water dispensers, dip tubes, blower motor, heat exchanger, burners, igniter, temperature sensor.

Not Covered: Oil hot water tanks, and loss arising as a result of chemical, mineral deposits, sediments, insufficient capacity, water residue or rust-out.



Must be primary water source.

Covered: Well pumps, valves and regulators.

Not Covered: Pressure tanks, piping or electrical lines leading to or connecting pressure tank and primary dwelling, well casings, holding or storage tanks and re-drilling of well, screens, points, well pump if used for lawn sprinkler system or other like system.


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