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Things in Place: Your Home Organization Guide

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Where are my keys? Has anybody seen my left shoe? If these are things commonly said in your home, it might be time to get organized. Keep reading for our tips on how to keep things easy to find when you need them.

Put It Away

The first step is to address all the physical things. Many homes have a ‘way station’ that becomes the catch-all for an array of household things — everything from junk mail to dog toys to sports equipment. Find storage options that follow people’s habits in that space (i.e., a bin for the dog toys, kept by the door you use when taking Fido for a walk). This can help the way station become a table or chair again, by blending with life as you already live it.

Take this idea to each room, and examine the locations and types of messes you find. Check for existing durable storage solutions, such as an old dresser or over-the-door shoe organizer, that just need a light dusting to be used efficiently. Don’t be afraid to get creative to find what works best for you (remembering that a Super FitMaker 3000 doesn’t count as a real coat rack)!

Put It In a Folder

Now that your things have a home base, let’s turn to digital clutter. The inbox can be a jumble of spam and urgent emails, but you can untangle it without breaking a sweat. Making and using a folder system, and unsubscribing from emails that don’t serve you, can make important emails easier to spot and track while limiting those that have you suddenly binging celebrity gossip or clicking “add to cart”. You may also want to create a new email account reserved for fun or hobby-specific messages.

Photos are also notorious for dominating storage. Go through and remove any duplicates, selfie outtakes, and that picture of a big burger you ordered in 2012. Create albums by vacation, activity, or people photographed, and file new pictures and videos away as soon they are captured. Depending on your photo load, you may need a few sessions to get things sorted.

Put It On Pause

With each completed area, take breaks and plan rewards to keep you motivated. Just finished the playroom? Take 5 and munch on your favorite snacks. Finally cleared your swollen inbox? Press “play” on your favorite song and have a dance party of one! Save a bigger reward, like an outing or time spent on a hobby, for the end to keep the momentum going.

Put It In the Books

Now that you’ve decluttered your home, inbox, and photo gallery, find a quiet space and take 5 minutes to pray or meditate. Play soothing sounds or bask in the silence as you appreciate your accomplishments. Regularly taking moments to rest and reset can help quiet the internal chaos, so you can fully enjoy your renewed space.

Getting your house in order can prevent small issues from becoming outright pandemonium. Find out how you can calm the chaos of the unexpected as well, and call 866.794.0875 or visit APHW.COM to put a warranty in place today.

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